The Embroidery Department

28 Heads including 2 singles on the far left wall.  Now that's production capability!
The combined years of talent in the embroidery department ensures that every project is well planned for the type of fabric being decorated to the type of thread being used to ensure the best results.  Not every shop has the ability to stock the many various types of thread, whether it's fine thread tomaintain fine detail  in a design or special colors that are beyond the norm.  

The shops reputation for superior quality and results attracts a lot of work.  So when you're ready to have us embroider your apparel, please allow for 7 - 10 business days from the time the apparel has arrived and all artwork is machine ready.  
To request a quote for Embroidery, please submit your artwork to so we can determine how many stitches your design will require and what type of thread is optimal.  

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  • Digitized file - This is a file that would have been created using embroidery software.  The file extension will end in .dst.  There are several other digitized formats however the .dst format is specific to the Tajima brand of machines.
  • We can also use a Vector file - A Vector file would be created within graphic design software and the file extension end in .ai (Adobe Illustrator), .cdr (Corel Draw) or .eps (Encapsulated Post Script).